Friday, 28 November 2014

Ribbon flower jewelry for Haldi function

A while back I created Real Flower jewelry for a local bride to be worn with her lehengha for her Haldi function (during her wedding). Many Brides who saw it wanted similar jewelry for their wedding  but they were disappointed as real flower jewelry cannot be "shipped" and they found the option of using artificial flowers - either silk or paper not in line with their vision. 
However, This wedding season I see a change. More and more brides and their families welcome nicely made artificial flower jewelry because it is cost effective, it can be reused, it can be shipped anywhere and  it can be made in any color combination to match the bridal outfit.
Here are two very similar sets made for two different brides - One from India and the other from Australia. Though both wanted Yellow and purple combination to match with their sarees; I made subtle changes in each of the sets to better suit the individual brides. so how do I do this?

Ribbon flower jewelry for Haldi function

 Custom Design Process

I normally dont undertake custom orders until and unless I know the person well, for I believe that a truly bespoke piece should reflect the personality of the wearer. But I prefer to do custom work for brides as I think what we create should be in line with their vision for their "Big day". So when I work with brides, I ask them for pictures of the outfits they are planning to wear along with their full photo and close up face shot. This way I can gauge their body type, face shape and recommend shapes or lengths of jewelry that would suit them better. I also like to interact with them to learn more about their likes and dislikes helping me understand what it is that they are looking for. I finally show them samples and send pictures of finished work for changes before I ship the product. Its a lot of work but it is satisfying knowing that these pieces will be cherished forever in the form of wedding pictures.

Details of the set
Dainty yellow - Purple fabric flower jewelry set 
Dimensions - Each rose is made of satin ribbon and is less than 1" in diameter
Description - 6 piece fabric flower jewelry set for Haldi/Mehendi functions. It includes Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets (2), Maang tikka and Finger ring (1)

Ribbon flower jewelry for Haldi function
 As these sets are Made to Order, many color combinations are possible and additional pieces like baju band, kamar bhandh, anklet, Hair clips, haath phool can be added and it can be Shipped Worldwide. Paypal is accepted and price depends on customisations and method of payment.

So what do you think of artificial floral bridal jewelry? Will it stay on as a fashion or just fade of as a Fad? Stay tuned as I will back soon with another post on Bridal flower jewelry with a mulberry paper rose jewelry set that I customised for another bride. It was a big set with 10 ornaments that looked very pretty, making me want something similar for myself.

I hope you find it interesting

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Malkaus Raga and winter jewelry

Chennai is starting to warm up again, with our brief Winter (rather cold season) being already over. Hopefully we'll get another spell in late december or january. Till then, As the rest of the world enjoys winter, I thought I'll showcase pictures of jewelry from my Ragamala collection, that were created based on the Malkaus raga - the raga of the winter season.
Malkauns or Malkaus or Malkaush is one of the oldest ragas of Indian classical (Hindustani) music and its carnatic equivalent is Hindolam. Some texts claim that it is a raga that was devised to cool down Lord Shiva's temper as Mal+Kaushik means "He who wears serpents like a garland". As its a cooling Raga, its supposed to be serious yet it imparts a soothing and an almost intoxicating feeling making it suitable for late night rendition.

Parent Raga: Malkaus raga
Wives: Gaundkari, Devagandhari, Gandhari, Seehute, Dhanasri. Sons: Maru, Mustang, Mewara, Parbal, Chand, Khokhat, Bhora, Nad.

I tried creating pieces on the parent Malkaus raga, but the serious and sober nature of the paintings of the parent raga, didnt quite go with the festive feel I was looking for my collection. Hence I skipped the parent raga (unlike in the other families where I focused a lot on the male parent raga) and proceeded with the rather gorgeous Raginis (female ragas or wifes) that turned out to be fast sellers

 Dhanasri Opulent necklace
What are Indian festivities without the opulence of colors? With that in mind I chose the painting of Dhanasri ragini where she can be seen creating art or indulging in Alekha Vidya (The art of painting). I made an Asymmetrical bead necklace in red, blue and yellow with Dhanasri ragini focal in a 32g copper handcut sheet with pearl chain border. The balancing focal is a filigree metal component colored with patina inks. Dhanasri ragini is the wife of malkaus raga and is played in the early afternoons for a cheerful feeling.

 Dhanasri cord necklace
Here I have used the same image on a 32g copper handcut focal with rhinestone border  with some bead danglers but but the resultant piece looks very simple and more wearable due to the thin blue handmade silk cord to which the pendant is wire wrapped to.


 Seehuti Bottle Necklace -  My "Story In a bottle design" with the story of Rama and Varuna was a big hit in my previous chithiram collection from 2012, that I decided to bring back the same concept with a more earthy twist here. I have used an image of a lady training two tigers depicting seehuthi Ragini and embellished the bottle with shiny hemp cord and rhinetones. Of all the Ragini paintings, this one is my favourite because of the young tigers in the picture. The bottle is completely glazed  with resin & the necklace contains orange and green glass beads, metal rings along with brown suede cord.

On Clients' requests I made simple beaded matching earrings for all the three neckalces so that they could be worn as sets or given away as gifts. So what did you think of them? Also I get asked all the time on how to style my pieces, so here are some ideas for these three pieces.

Styling Ideas

  1. Dhanasri Opulent necklace - Best worn with a saree (navy, black, coffee, off white, cream and beige are the best options). Compliment with beaded earrings and simple thin gold bangles (not more than two on a wrist). It would also be worn with small studs with a plain dress for a fusion look. Wear golden color sandals to complete the look.
  2. Dhanasri cord necklace - Would look great with Kurtas, Kutis, Kameez and Saree for a semi formal to casual look with an ethnic/boho touch. It would go with colors like blue, red, purple, yellow, white, offwhite or brown 
  3.  Seehuti Bottle Necklace - This is a multi tasking piece and can be worn with anything from a white shirt/Tshirt with jeans to a Silk saree. Have fun experimenting with it

Find previous posts on the other Raga Families here:
What is Ragamala?
Bhairav Raga
Megh Raga

I hope you find it interesting
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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Gujarat Inspiration - for bead makers and fabric artists

In July, on my way to Delhi, I had taken a detour and visited Vadodara (Baroda) and Ahmedabad with my mother. It was very very hot, incredibly humid and extremely tiring, but we saw so much in those three days that was very inspiring and fascinating. I would like to share a few of the pictures taken on the trip, especially the ones taken at the Baroda Palace and Adlaj Vav (Stepwell) in Ahmedabad as inspiration today.
I dont make beads or components, but I am a great admirer of art beads and I think that these pictures would be great inspiration to artists who work with ceramic and stoneware.

Adlaj Vav - Ahmedabad
Adlaj is famous for a stepped well (Vav) or stepped pond, built in 499 by Muslim king Mohammed Begda  (Construction started by Rana Veer Singh ) for Queen Rani Roopba, widow of Veer Singh, the Vaghela chieftain. As it was built by both Hindu as well as muslim rulers, the Vav posses a unique blend of Hindu and Islamic architecture with a hint of Persian Influence. It is said that Begda killed the 6 masons who created the stepwell as he didnt want it to be replicated anywhere which was a common practise those days.

Adlaj Vav, Stepwell, ami khumbo
Ami Khumbor (symbolic pot of the water of life) at the Adlaj Vav, Stepwell
Adlaj Vav, Stepwell
Adlaj Vav, Stepwell

Laxmi Vilas Palace, Baroda - Official residence of the Maharaja Of Baroda.The royal family still resides in this palace built in 1889 and it is said to be one of the most expensive palaces in India. The Palace is very European with a lot of Italian influence. The marble work here is intricate and the stained glass work is stunning. gold gilding on marble surfaces and paintings on the ceiling of the durbar room are fantastic. There is an array of sculptures in the foyer of the Palace, unfortunately, photography is prohibited on the inside.


baroda palace architecture
gold gilding on marble
Gujarat is not all beiges and tans, It has a lot of bright colors too - Especially in the form of clothing - Chaniya Cholis and Ghaghra cholis (Skirt, top and scarf) which are multicolored gorgeously embroidered pieces that will make your heart skip a beat. They are worn as a set during Navaratri festive - particularly while playing Dandiya (a dance with sticks) replete with silver tone jewelry which I will talk about in my next post on Awesome Gujarati Jewelry.  I think that  these unique embroidered  pieces will provide great inspiration to a mixed media artist, a quilter or to a fabric artist.
 Pictures taken at the Law Garden Market, Ahmedabad
Embroidered Gujarati quilts
Embroidered Gujarati quilts
Like Godra, Gudri, Sirakh, Chakla (wall hanging)
Embroidered multicolor skirts
 multicolor skirts
The techniques include - appliqué and reverse appliqué, patchwork and piecework, embroidery or mirrorwork
 multicolor skirts with Embroidery and patch work
 multicolor skirts with Embroidery and patch work
These photographs only narrate a fraction of our travel in Gujarat, let alone the treasures that abound that state. But I do hope that you find them interesting and are inspired by them to create something new.
I will share more pictures, particularly pictures of jewelry soon

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Cohosting Fluster's Creative Muster Party #97

Hey Guys, I am being featured on at the fluster Buster Blog today at their #97 weekly linky party and as a featured blogger I have been invited by Robin to Cohost the party. So join in, link up your recipes, craft posts and tutorials and have fun.
I am incredibly excited and here is the post that's getting featured : How to Design you blog for max Impact. This post is the first of the two post series on the topic, offering 5 tips that will make your blog make an impact visually. Catch the second set of tips here on the part two of the series -  Tips on Designing you blog. I hope that these tips will help you make your blog amazing. Thanks for Partying and do visit links that catch your fancy
Tips on designing your blog
Tips on designing your blog
Tips on designing your blog
Tips on Designing you blog

Fluster's Creative Muster Party #97
Always packed full of Great Ideas and Inspiring Links!
Great Ideas
Great Ideas
Great Ideas
The design of a blog can do more than just look appealing. Every element, if used and positioned correctly, can make a huge impact on your visitors . Divya from Jewels of Sayuri is sharing some tips in a series called How to Design you blog for max Impact. Stop by and check it out, while you're there you might want to take a look at some of her beautiful jewelry designs.

Great Ideas
By linking to this party you are giving Fluster Buster and co-hosts permission to use your images in featured posts.
Fluster's Creative Muster Party #97
Robin @ Fluster Buster
Great Ideas
Great Ideas
Last week's top 10 links can be found on Google+
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Follow me on Google+ or use the hashtag #creativemustertop10

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tips on designing your blog - part 2

 I Hope that you enjoyed reading my post offering 5 tips to  make an impact with your blog . As a  Continuation, I offer you five more tips here.

Tips on designing your blog

6. Social media - The soul of blogging lies in connectivity so I dont get why people refuse to put their social media links on their blogs. Lets assume that I have come to your blog, read it and like and would like to read more or keep in touch with you. GFC is pretty unpredictable (Also works only on blogger blogs) and I dislike subscribing to emails as they just clog up my inbox. I look around and find no SM option. What do I do? Probably pin a couple of images, leave feeling sad and completely forget about the blog, the next day. What just happened there, was that a blog just "Lost" a probably loyal and regular reader.  In this age, almost everybody is active in one Social networking site or other, so please Display social media icons clearly at the top, as you want people to keep in touch with you. Also if you put a link/icon, make sure you update the avenue regularly so pick ones that you really like and would use. Find my media links here

facebook Follow Me on Pinterest Follow Me on bloglovin google plus email google plus
( From Left to right - Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Google Plus, RSS feeds and Twitter)

7. De-clutter - Take time to arrange all the elements of your template. Include a search bar and about me image with your picture so that people can put a face to your name. Limit your ad spaces to three; instead use a popular posts or archive widget that will entice your readers to read more on your blog and stay for a longer duration thereby decreasing your bounce rate. Shift all your party links and badges to separate page or your footer to avoid cluttering your page. In short keep it clean and simple. If anybody is interested, I could do a tutorial on "how to make a pictorial popular post/resources tab"  like the one you see below sometime.

8. Synergize -  Its not enough if your home page alone is fabulous; all your pages must be in synergy with one another. For instance having all the images in my resources page in a brown tone makes it look professional. My Resource tab is in muted jewels tones with the header in tan to match with the browns on the actual resource page.  Whenever possible, use the same or similar header images across your social media accounts, in addition to your blog for more impact. Pick social media icons and banners that match your header and simple fonts that are readable 

Tips on designing your blog  

9. Make your blog leaner by Resizing your images
Blogs with big images look enticing but they also take a long time to load, often driving first time visitors away. Resizing your images with a software like Photoshop or Pic monkey can go a long way in speeding up your blog's load time. Remove  unnecessary plugins or widgets that don’t contribute significantly to your website. I have seen blog badges for events that happen months or even years ago on some blog sidebars, deleting them not only declutters your blog and frees up space for ads but also reduces load time.

10.Make your blog Pinnable
It is said that pinterest is the second larget supplier of traffic to blogs after Google and when you have a design blog that relies heavily on pictures you must really take advantage of what Pinterest has to offer. Adding a pinterest hover button to your blog is a great way to make sure that your pictures get pinned. A square picture is often required for linkup at linky parties but on pinterest a vertical picture gets more visibility so try having a mix of both on your post.Also do not forget to click on properties for your pictures and name them with keywords for the post in the Alt Tag (words that will usually be displayed when your image is unable to load or cannot be shown. These are used as search words too)

adding alt text to images

This concludes my two part series on making an Visual impact with your blog. These tips merely scratch the tip of the Blogging iceberg and these has got to do only with the look and feel of the blog and not its technical aspects. If you would like it, I could do a roundup post on those later. please tell me in the comments what you would like to learn more about, I am no blogging expert, but I'll try to learn and write more about them. In the meanwhile, do Refer to my blog world 101 post to get answers to some basic questions that you might have about blogging - like comment setup and monetising.
Find other posts in my How to Series here

I hope you find it interesting

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Friday, 7 November 2014

Megh Raga

Its been raining again this past week and the weather is all nice, cool and cozy and I just feel like curling up with a good book and sipping some tea while listening to the pitter patter of rain drops hitting my window awnings. Alas, I have work to do, classes to teach and assignments to grade so I'll just settle for talking about Megh Raga, the node of the rainy season and will show you pieces inspired by the Megh Family from my Ragamala Collection. Take a Look.

Megh or Megha means clouds and the Megh raga stands for invocation of the Rain Gods or to be sung as celebration of Rains. Sometimes it is sung as a prayer in anticipation of rains. Rendition of the Malhar Raga - The Megh Malhar or the Malhar family -Gaud Malhar, Sur Malhar by experts is said to bring torrential rains. There is a story among the Tales of Akbar, that bears testimony to this which I'll narrate in an upcoming post on "Dipak Raga" as these two are related.
Parent Raga: Megh raga
Wives: Sorathi, Gaund-Malari, Asa, Gunguni, Sooho. Sons: Biradhar, Gajdhar, Kedara, Jablidhar, Nut, Jaldhara, Sankar, Syama...Source (Wikipedia)
Megh Raga is sung at night and during the monsoon season. Carnatic equivalent- Madhyamavati

 Megh necklace - Asymmetrical necklace of glass, ceramic and coiled wire beads with lengths of chain and Glass pendant of Krishna dancing with gopikas in the rain signifying megh raga, squiggly prong set with silver plated brass wire. 
Prong set beaded necklace

This design started as a rectangular glass pendant without a bail as I couldnt find any good glue-on bails locally. So I decided to wire wrap it. From my previous experience with rectangular pendants I also know that are pretty hard to get an even bezel wire wrap so I decided on a prong set. But I had only done a 4 or 6 prong before and realised that it wouldnt work for this piece as it would cover the most important aspect of the image. So I challenged myself to set a fairly heavy glass piece in a continuous three prong setting where the prongs would be asymmetrical and slightly turned away so as to not hide the image. At First it looked impossible then, I found my inspiration in the most unlikeliest of places (and things) - The female reproductive system chart of humans!!
Okay Please dont get shocked. In School I used to draw these sketches on the blackboard in my biology class in 9th and 10th as I was good with drawing so it kinda got burned into my brain. The back of this pendant is based on the reproductive system concept with the two ovaries on either side of the uterus. I figured, if such a setup was strong enough to carry a baby, it would be strong enough to hold a glass pendant and it did. I did add a thin resin glaze at the back to protect the paper used for the image and to seal in the wire

Megh Malhar Neckalce - this necklace of frosted pink beads and crystals brings about the splendor and joy of monsoon. Here krishna is seen blowing his conch to welcome the rains. I created this piece, just a month ago (so its still available for sale) almost at the end of the collection as I felt that I hadnt represented the joy of rains appropriately in my collection. I chose pink  frosted beads for this design as it reminds me of the pink flowers that used to bloom after the rainy season at my childhood home and how they would be frosted with dew the next day.
frosted beaded Krishna necklace

Sorathi - Decoupaged and gold cord rimmed acrylic pendant of Sorathi ragini with peacocks on a cord knotted double strand green glass bead necklace. Sorath or sorathi ragini is the wife of Megh raga. I designed this piece just after a couple of blog hops where I saw a lot of designers using knotting as their primary technique and it lead me to make three pieces based on knotting in this collection, Sorathi being the chief among them.
This one and the one below were highly experimental pieces that were reworked many many times because of the pendant. I started making them using Mod Podge acrylic shapes and dimensional magic which became sticky (read yucky) in Chennai heat and humidity, I had to scrap the images and redo them atleast three times before they looked decent. It was a boring and painful process but then I learnt my lesson.
beaded necklace with decoupaged pendant

Gaundmallar -  Decoupaged and gold cord rimmed acrylic pendant of Gaundmalar ( Lady playing dumrhoo before the rains) with simple blue and yellow bead necklace. Gaundmallar ragini is the wife of Megh raga - Its mood is joyful because the rains cause the crops to grow and the flowers to bloom

beaded necklace with decoupaged pendant

So how do you like these pieces? I hope you find them interesting
Its been a while since I started writing this post as I have been sick on and off. We finally figured out that I have Typhoid (God knows how?!). Unfortunately all my design plans have to be put on hold while I concentrate of gaining my strength back so that I can go back to teaching and finish my portions. I guess I got my wish of curling up and reading a book even though its the last thing I want to do now. Like they say - "Be careful what you wish for, you might actually get it"
So on a slightly moody note

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Design your blog for maximum impact - part 1

As promised in my "How to earn from your Jewelry blog post" here is the post on how to design and organise your blog better to attract more readership and more opportunities.
As designers (Fashion/textile/jewellery) we tend to spend hours selecting the right colors and materials for our collections. We pour over different layout and patterns until we are extremely satisfied with the result. But when we blog, sometimes, maybe due to lack or time, we tend to let go of these very same concepts. At the most, we tend to work hard on creating interesting content and post regularly; but is that enough?
Content, no doubt is the soul of your blog but appearance does matter. By designing your blog using particular colors, logos and template that is specific to your blog, you can convert your blog into a brand. A brand is thus established, which can be easily expanded for impact and promoted for profit.
So today I will be talking about creating maximum impact with your blog.

 Design your blog for maximum impact

How to Design your blog for maximum impact

1. Brand recall - Companies and brands work to create an image of their brand or product which first comes to a consumer's mind when that brand name is heard. As bloggers, we too need project our blogs ( and ourselves) as brands. So while choosing a blog design decide on the sort of branding you want - Colourful, cheerful, quirky, naughty, minimalist, sober, natural or high tech. Once you decide this it would be easier to pick colors, widgets, banners and graphics

2.Color it - each color corresponds to a particular mood or feeling and has a story to tell. If you blog about craft or design like I do then you can choose a neutral color scheme with one bright accent color to complement your colorful posts. I currently have a soft beige - mustard color palette with bright pink and purple accents as pink is my brand color. My previous template was achromatic - gray, white and black with pink and green accents. Accents colors can be used for hyperlinks, banners, social media icons or for ads. I have made some color palettes for you here

 Design your blog for maximum impact

3. Be responsive -Sometimes we wonder why our sidebar ads don't make any money even when the blog traffic is good.  The reason could be simple - People dont see them.
For your blog to make maximum impact everybody must see your blog as the same way you do. Unfortunately in most cases they do not see it that way. While some of us like to read or pin on our big desktops or laptops others are glued to their mobile phones which might have different browsers and screen sizes that portray your site very differently. Blogging platforms do offer a mobile view but it only shows the main body of your blog post and not your sidebar and in the normal view your reader has to scroll to endlessly to read even a single post and which leads to frustration and high bounce rates. To avoid this, convert your blog template into a responsive template. A responsive site adapts itself to provide optimal display across a range of devices which means that your blog looks the same whether viewed on a small mobile screen or a big monitor.There are several free templates for both wordpress and blogger with a multitude of options that can be customised to suit your needs. I use and recommend Templates from Templateism as the service is good.

4. Remove Captcha -The extremely annoying word verification pop ups people have as comment moderation on their blogs is called captcha. If you have it please REMOVE IT!! When you are reading and moderating every comment for spam links or unnecessary comments, you really do not need that pesky captcha. The only reason to have it is if you dont want people to comment on your blog, so if you want interaction, just get rid of it; If need be add a profanity filter to filter out cuss words or indecent language being used in the comments..

5. Have an About me - Whenever I chance upon a jewelry artist's blog, I immediately look for an about me button or a page link to read more about them. I am often disappointed as I dont find them. To be fair, I didnt have one when I started blogging but as the years passed, I felt the need to speak up for myself, about myself. My About me page has undergone many radical changes since and current one is almost like a story. An 'About me' doesnt have to be super personal - but it needs your real name, one decent photo, your contact email and a little background about your work (brand) and your blog so people can understand your voice better.

# Reader's Tip: use short paragraphs with double-space in between, to make it easier for the reader's eye to quick scan your text.

These are the top five tips on How to Design your blog for maximum impact. Do come back next week to read the part 2 of this series, next 5 tips that will make your blog fabulous.

Part 2: Tips to Design your blog

I hope you find it interesting
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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ragamala - A garland of Ragas

 I know that its been pretty late showcasing the now almost sold out Ragamala collection here, but then as they say, better late than never. This Collection was a part of the Chithiram edition 2 and took a huge chunk of my time this year in research.
Even though I hail from a music oriented family, I am not a music buff and certainly knew nothing about Hindustani music when I started on this journey. I turned to a few people for help, but I guess they had better things to do. So I spent a lot of time reading on various ragas, their difference and pictorial references which I later simplified to help me make my pieces. I am by no measure an expert on this topic, but I would like to share with you, a portion of my research and what this collection is all about. 

Ragamala Necklace - Featuring all the six Parent Ragas
Asymmetrical necklace with a Collage of all 6 parent ragas of Ragamala - Bhairav, Deepak, Sri, Malkaus Megh, Hindol on a handcut aluminium base, backed with leather along with crystals wrapped and looped in copper wire

What is Ragamala?

 Ragamala meaning a garland of ragas  is a set of 12 verses describing various Hindustani Ragas or musical nodes (Each node comprises of notes sung in a definitive pattern). It details the six principal (male parent) ragas -Bhairav, Deepka, Sri, Malkaus, Megh and Hindola, The Raginis - their 30 wives and Raga putras - their 48 sons. Ragamala paintings are visual descriptions of the raga families and can be found in various art styles such as Pahari, Rajput, Deccanni, Kangra, and Mughal. Mostly miniatures, these paintings represented the nodes (Ragas), by associating them with deities (Krishna for Megh and Shiva for Bhairav), kings and queens or even ordinary men, women and animals that are outstanding in their own right.

Ragamala Necklace - Featuring all the six Parent Ragas
Ragamala Necklace - Featuring all the six Parent Ragas
I found many different texts classifying ragas differently, that it was extremely confusing. I read through all of them but in the end, came back to this Wikipedia entry  on ragamala paintings with first set me on this path and decided to follow it wholeheartedly. 

 Ragamala of Chithiram

This line of Chithiram collection –  my Ragamala, attempts to take the connect between music, poetry and art one step further by creating adornments that transcends religion, aesthetics, and even time thereby reestablishing the parampara or tradition of storytelling that is filled with rich visuals, good music, strong morals and great creativity. A unique line of jewelry that narrates outstanding tales of India's Tradition.
  Simply put,  Ragamala of Chithiram,
is a collection of Jewelry personifying the visualisation of music; of Ragas, Raginis & Rajaputras. 

 Design Process

The most interesting part of the research process was finding paintings that were inspired by these ragas. Most prints were copies or derivatives of works done by masters, yet they were very old and had to be restored which I spent a lot of time on photoshop doing. It was extremely interesting to see how painters from different schools of art approached the same raga. The color combos and dress detailing on the paintings was so fascinating that it made me regret not pursing textile design.
Once I amazed enough prints and sorted through them, I resized them, fit them on readymade bezels, glass tiles or handmade metal bases (designed and made by me). I then decoupaged, glazed or filled them up with resin depending on the base and strung them together with coordinating beads. It was time consuming with each piece requiring constant attention that drove me mad. Photography was even harder as these were glazed shiny pieces. But in the end, everything came together that it was like making a song - setting a tune, writing words, singing and filming it! A fine metaphor considering  that the Inspiration was music.

I'll post details on one family of Raga and the pieces inspired by it every week. Find the first post of the series here, on Bhairav Raga as a part of the octoberfest  Autumn celebrations here

I hope you find it interesting
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