Paprika Bib necklaces

 Paper has been used as a jewelry making material for many many years before it eventually became mainstream. The most common techniques used in popular paper jewelry are Quilling, origami, paper machie and structural stacking. I thought what if I dont a technique that doesnt mimic any of these styles but remain truly unique. During my research for the collection, I came across many ways of layering paper, using inks, foil, glue and resin and decide to combine all of them to create a line - Paprika. 
Inspired by paprika a very popular chilli like spice, this collection intends to add a dose of fun to your wardrobe. Here are the first few designs, the bib necklaces of Paprika and I hope that you'll like them.

Paprika - Spicy Paper jewelry

Crystal feather necklace -  Green- textured double sided paper bib necklace with a layered filigree and dichroic cab focal. The necklace is made by knotting together double shaded acrylic beads and a wire wrapped crystal feather completes this statement necklace. The bib is double sided with a striped paper pattern at the back

This is a variation of the same design - Crystal feather necklace, customised in pink, purple and Gold for my cousin

Technicolor dreams - Inspired by the bright technicolor film making technology of the past, here is a statement bib necklace with a textured foil pendant with a frosted colored glass finish ably supported by stone focals and chain

Empyrean necklace - for sale - textured double sided paper bib necklace shaped like a fish. Garnet colored beads are wrapped to the chain followed by a hand painted toggle clasp. I had originally made it for the BNB challenge and it came to be apart of this collection

Masquerade - for sale - Inspired by the bright masquerade masks, here is a statement bib necklace with a shiny foil pendant with a shiny colored glass finish ably supported by metal and rhinestone connectors and double shaded beads

How do you like these pieces? You would seen the statement earrings from this collection here and here. I Will post the rest of the designs - necklaces from this line in the following post; where I will share a little more about the 'why' and 'how' of this line.

I hope you found it interesting

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Le Triangle earrings

“One day, you will be a painter!” This is what a coal mine laborer heard one day when he was working deep down in the mines. Augustin Lesage, kept communicating with these spirits who guided him to buy canvas, brushes and paint and traced through his hand. For the next two years, he painted a background of beige/off white and covered it with bright colors  letting the spirits guide his hand.  He began in the upper right corner and gradually filled it as the spirits did not let him evaluate the work in its entirety:  part of the canvas remained rolled as they guided his hand.
This mysterious, yet untitled painting is our inspiration for the Art Bead scene - MAY ABS -May Monthly Challenge and here are the earrings I made - Le Triangle Earrings ! 

Our Inspiration

 "Untitled" by Augustin Lesage

This painting in particular resonated a lot with me as I used to make digital paintings in this style as a school kid. When we first got a desktop way back in 2001, I made a lot of artwork using paint. The colors were electric and tools fascinating. Most importantly I could just create one side and mirror the image to create more depth. I could also create details easily in large sizes and then transform them to a fraction of the original size while still retaining all of the details. The resultant images would look surreal, some times extraterrestrial coupling geometric with abstracted versions of organic shapes. I didnt know the meaning of these big sounding words at 16 but I just loved the output even though many around me felt that it made no sense.

Coming to this challenge, I wondered if I should use all the details brought about by my trip down the memory lane or just be indirect and abstract going with the style of the artists. I then decided to keep it indirect and focus on the colors, triangular forms and  also threw some texture in for a good measure. These earrings look as though they are made of crackled glass but they are made of Paper and resin .
Here are my takeaways - in the format that I followed in the last challenge- Kahlo necklace as everyone appreciated the decoding process.

My Takeaways: 
Mood - surreal, bordering on ethereal
Colors - Magenta, pink, yellow and orange
Forms - Triangles stacked one on top of the other as in the painting and circles used at the top
Imagery - Bold- strong and light at the same time

Details - Crushed texture 
Materials -
These earrings are
made of cardboard, foil, alcohol inks and have been coated with resin

Pearl dangles and antique brass studs complete these earrings which are super light to wear 
Look - Ethnic

Art component - by Divya N

So how do you like them? Are they too indirect or could they have had more details? 
 See earrings made in the same technique in my previous post on Structured paper earrings
I hope you found it interesting
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DIY Tahitian pearl necklace

When it comes to my personal jewelry collection - I always go for the classics and a Tahitian pearl bracelet or necklace has been in my list for a very long time. In 2011, my mother offered to buy me one, but I refused as it was expensive and proudly told her that I would "arrange for one soon" with no idea of how I am going to achieve that!
This was before I was inducted into the world of Swarovski pearls and figured out that not only they looked gorgeous but were available for the fraction of the price. Since then I have been on the look out for Tahitian colored pearls in blues, grays and burgundy and very recently found them at Craftyful - A bead and button store. Apart from having a huge range of stock in buttons, zippers and beads, they ship to every country in the world and Shipping is free for all orders over $20 even internationally. How great is that?
 I ordered pearls but inspiration eluded me when the pearls arrived. Then one weekend while binge watching "How to get away with murder", I was inspired, and I asked myself  "As an esteemed professor what would I wear to a College/university dinner?" and the answer was this Tahitian Pearl necklace - A simple and elegant wrapped loop necklace with a Rhinestone focal.

  DIY Tahitian pearl necklace
1.Tahitian Look Swarovski Crystal 5810 Pearl 8mm  - 4
2.Burgundy Swarovski 5810 Pearl 8mm- 4
3.Brown-Swarovski Crystal-5810 Pearl-8mm
4. Pearl Gray MOP beads - 12
5. Rhinestone teardrop -1
6. 26g artistic silver wire
7. Jump rings & a clasp
8. Round nose pliers & wire cutters

1. Make all the Pearl Gray MOP beads into connectors by making wrapped loops with artistic wire
2. Lay out a pattern of pearls- Gray, brown, gray, burgundy, gray, Tahitian, gray, burgundy, gray, brown, gray. Using wire create wrapped loops. Repeat for another piece
3. Thread a 4" long wire into the rhinestone at the back and press into a triangular shape. Twist on top to hold it in palce - the rhinestone must not move.
4. Bend the wires into a "V", add the Tahitian pearls and make wrapped loops to join them to the first gray MOP bead of the chain on either side
5. Add jump rings and clasp to complete the necklace


Note: Tahitian pearl necklace is just the name of this necklace - I am using MOP and Swarovski pearls here but the same design can be created using any round pearl or bead.
Disclosure: These gorgeous pearls were sent to me for a review from Craftyful

More Analise Keating inspired jewelry coming up soon!
I hope you found it interesting
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Help Nepal

No comments:
All of you must have read or heard about the series of earthquakes  that have hit Nepal in the last month and the horrific after effects of it. It breaks my heart to see such a picturesque country being destroyed and peoples lives devastated and I want to do something to help. I almost went to a donate page and pressed give, when I realised that as one individual there is only so much I can give but with the help of all of you, my dearest readers and friends I can do so much more.

I have decided to Fund raise for Nepal by selling my "Xian" collection of leather jewelry where 70% of the price will be donated to help Victims through CareIndia or Goonj Foundation. You can also donate directly through these organisations if you do not wish to purchase anything from me.

What do you get?
A beautiful piece of handmade jewelry for as low as $12 to $32 and satisfaction of helping people by doing a good deed. I will price the pieces as low as possible to encourage more buying. You can opt to pay more; In that case the extra will also be donated!
To order please send a mail to jewelsofsayuri@gmail(dot)com.

What do I get?
Remaining 30% will go towards my material charges and I get some satisfaction of helping people and a place I so enjoyed visiting

This collection of hand painted leather bib necklaces are inspired by the Chinese word for Lines – Xian. The color combinations, line patterns and motifs are oriental lending richness to these one of a kind pieces. Both sides of the Bib are quoted with Resin making them water resistant, glossy and durable. However please please keep away from water, cosmetics and heat for a long life.
Please find images of all pieces, along with their description and price in this facebook album here 

Buy to Help Nepal

Here are the fine points.
- 70% of the price of the necklace will be donated; however I will not be able to give you a Tax exemption certificate as this is individual fund raising programme.
- Shipping will have to be borne by the buyer in actuals
- I'll accept both Paypal (US dollars; $1 = Rs.60) as well as NEFT. Paypal fees (extra) will have to be borne by the buyer
- For this fund raising programme,  I am not affiliated to any governmental/non governmental/private or public institution. I am just one person trying to help
- I plan to raise at least Rs.5000 to help out atleast one family in distress
- The details of how much was raised and donated will be posted in this blog and in social media

Looking forward for your support
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Upcycled Bottle Necklaces

You must have all heard of the rather poetic concept of sending messages in glass bottles. The first recorded use of messages in bottles is said to be around 310 BC, when Greek philosopher Theophrastus used it for his experiment. Contemplating on this subject I was also reminded of ancient scroll type cylindrical bars that were used for conveying stories or news in the past. Finding this to be an interesting concept for wearable art, I then decided to upcycle medicine glass bottles into quirky necklaces that could be used to narrate interesting stories in 2012 first for my Chithiram collection. These “Story in a bottle” necklaces are quirky, kitschy, can be customized easily and are a hit whenever I make them. 
You would have already seen some bottle necklaces in my previous posts in Chithira katha and Ragamala and one in my Swap and hop Reveal. Continuing in the same vein I made some more for a craft show. Here they are

Bottle Necklace Designs
Deepak Raga Bottle necklace 
Available for sale

 Ragini Bottle necklace 
Available for sale
Dhanasri Ragini Bottle necklace

Rama - Story in a Bottle necklace

Seehuti Ragini Bottle necklace 

Todi Ragini Bottle necklace 

Saraswati Bottle necklace 
 Head to the Favecrafts blog, if you want to learn how to make them. Tell A Story: How To Make a Quirky DIY Pendant @ Favecrafts

I hope you found it interesting
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DIY Mother's day Jewelry

Mother's Day is fast approaching and if you looking to make jewelry gifts for your mom, look no further for I have not one but 2 DIYs to share with you today

Birds’ nests necklaces have been around for a while and turn up back in trend every spring – summer as a popular Mother’s day gift idea. In this project I have teamed up my famous Sunglasses pendant necklaces along with birds' nest and German glass glitter to produce, shimmering sunglasses and birds nest necklace for a rockstar mom! Catch the full project at the Craft Paper Scissors blog, where I am a new guest contributor!!
PS: Being a mom is totally optional when it comes to wearing this beautiful upcycled necklace.

If you are looking to go the more conservative route, and make something traditional (Indian) yet bold, this necklace is a great option. These colors might be too strong for some western sensibilities, but them they can be easily changed to neutrals like gray, dull lavendar or beige for a more subtle look.

Phalak means a  gem or glass slab or colored glass and Haar means necklace. Phalakhara refers to a traditional mutlistrand bead necklace which was connected with slabs of glass and was popular in the Satvahana Empire in ancient India. As a design educator and a history buff, I have always been drawn to costumes and jewelry worn in the ancient times.  Here I have recreated a traditional design with modern materials and a contemporary approach by using resin to create druzy style glass slabs.. Find the full tutorial of this gorgeous traditional Indian necklace on the Ice resin blog specially created by me as a part of the Ice resin 2015 creative team.

"Find an entire list of ornaments worn in Ancient India here"
So how do you like these necklaces, please visit the respective blogs for full tutorials.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Mother's Day !!
I hope you found it interesting
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Bead Peeps Swap and hop reveal

The Bead Peeps Swap and hop reveal is here and this bead swap and hop I am partnered with Lori Schneider of Bead Addicted  whom I had already written about here. I sent her handmade/ hand altered components made of paper, resin, leather and even glass.  I also sent her handmade clasps, rings and silk cord along with commercially available beads and buttons. I knew that I couldnt send a lot in an international parcel - so I sent limited stuff - but mostly handmade.

Here is what we sent each other

What I sent her & What she sent me

She sent me lots of goodies - some handmade, some vintage.  I was so excited when I got the package as they had beads I was looking for for a couple of my projects so they quickly went into them leaving me with no picture of the full loot. But here is a picture of the remaining. The bugs are gorgeous arent they??

Here is what I made
Ambari bottle necklace

upcycled bottle necklace

 I have posted many of my bottle necklace designs as a part of my Ragamala Collection before and will post the second set shortly. In this piece I have used a picture of a Royal procession on the bottle, decoupaged and resinated it. I picked the colors green, blue, silver with a pop of red for the beads (inspired by the image) and finished the necklace with a suede cord. the Green-blue beads with a red line from Lori are perfect additions to this piece. Here is a tutorial, if you want to learn how to make this bottle necklace.

 Emerald and Sapphire Bird's nest necklace

 Emerald and Sapphire Bird's nest necklace
I had made these little birds nests to be made into bracelets or key rings when I saw this blue bird pendant in the swap stash. I quickly made a looped necklace of beads and green beads and added in some of the interested dogbone shaped beads from Lori. To balance all the copper in the necklace, I smeared a little copper paint on the bird and sealed it. This made the dangle a bit brighter and more interesting as it brought out all the details. I completed the necklace with a copper wire clasp.

Run Free - Horses cameo necklace
silk cameo necklace
My mom loves white horses and has posters of them while I am frankly scared of them. When I saw this vintage cameo, I thought that it could become a perfect heirloom piece, first worn by my mom, then me and hopefully passed through generations. I set the cameo on a scalloped brass blank, covered it with resin and embellished with a rhinestone chain border. I wanted to make it into a pearl necklace and ordered pearls too but it didnt really work well. For the purpose of this reveal, I made a necklace of fabric strips which I'll change once I figure out the pearls. For Now, its colorful and jazzy.

Bead swaps often come with their own challenges with us not being comfortable either with the color palette or type of beads given. In this case, it was neither for I was most comfortable with greens and blues and the beads that I received. (Notice a similarity in color combo's that we sent each other!). So my only challenge here was how best to use them! I am in the process of converting many more of these supplies into jewelry but they are not yet done as I want to keep all of them for myself and not sell what I make and hence taking my own sweet time :D

So how did you find these pieces? I think I stuck to the safe zone this time around but I really like the output. Special Thanks to Linda Anderson, our dear admin and host for organising such a wonderful swap. I am off to check out my partner's blog and see what she has made. Do hop around and visit all Swap and hop participants to take in all their inspiring beady goodness.

I hope you found it interesting
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