Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Vote for the best blogger craft

As some of you might know the CHA - Favecrafts sponsored Best blogger craft contest for a $1000 prize is here. I am entering with my handmade textured copper earrings embellished with swarovski flatbacks from Prima Beads  and gorgeous lampwork beads by Debbie sanders that I won from Gloria Allen for winning the BNB 16 challenge.To look at my project and vote for me as the best blogger craft please visit this link and vote!

copper and swarovski earrings 

Its a space themed design, inspired by shiny stars and swirling planets. The textured and patina indicate the rough surface of the planets while the shiny swirls on Debbie's beads are reminiscent of the vapours surrounding the stars. I named then "Starry Night" after Van Gogh's painting of the same name as I love the 'hope of light after a dark storm' message of that painting.

There is nobody better than Simone Collins to write project/ product descriptions and I love the little blurb she has written for my submission - Starry Night Earrings
"Day or night, you can shine bright with DIY jewelry ideas like this one. These Starry Night Homemade Earrings are pretty, practical and surprisingly easy to make. Use glass and metal beads to complete this project. The contrast between the two types of beads make this project a real standout. Homemade earrings make great gifts on a birthday or during the holiday season. Don't be afraid to add your own fun embellishments, too. The copper sheet metal used for this project gives a cool and unexpected look to the finished project. Wear your earrings with any outfit - they'll always look good."

copper handmade earrings

Things to remember

- Voting will end March 10th at midnight CST
- People can only vote once (for one person too)
- The entries are shown randomly, so if you are unable to see my entry look for this earring design or hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type my name "Divya" to search for my project
- The blogger with the top three highest votes will receive $1,000, $500, and $250 respectively and named as the winners in the eBook - so help me peach :D

Here are the other projects that I liked

- Marisa Pawelko -Tie Dye Design Dress
 - Cheryl Boglioli - Fancy Flask Pouch DIY
- Ann Koeman -Chicken Wire Mannequin DIY
I also liked Betsy Burnett's red cupboard but the others fared better as they were quick - easy to do projects and dont require any prior skills. All three have a romantic feel to them - God what is happening to me!! :P

So please Vote for me - fingers crossed!! My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has already voted for me

I hope you found it interesting
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Friday, 27 February 2015

White Copper earrings - AJE COM reveal

Component of the Month blog hop, at Art jewelry elements is a monthly affair where designers from across the globe are sent "Art components" by extremely talented component artists who then create finished products with them. February's component has been created by the talented Melissa Meman, using metal clay and I am one of the few lucky winners chosen for this month's hop.

Melissa Meman's is a metal artist who creates under her label Melismatic Art Jewelry. When she asked for my preference regarding the copper components, I told her that I have never worked with metal clay before (never even seen it before in real life) but would love to make earrings for myself.
She sent me 2 rectangular components as promised but I was surprised when I received them for they were silver in color - they were white copper!
Until a few months back I dint even realise that there was a metal called white copper as I thought copper could only be the standard pinkish brown. Then I found out that is was Cupronickel alias German Silver which frankly made me a little disappointed as white copper had sounded exotic while German silver was commonplace in India. Nevertheless, I was super excited about the components as I loved the shape and thickness and here are the earrings that I made with them.

White Copper earrings

 As the components werent exactly same with regard to their relief depth, I decided to use irregular Carnelian beads to go with it. I used swarovski bicones in champagne and perked them up with a little blue cord. The earrings look simple but they are at the right weight/ length to be worn by me, so I  really like them.

 How to Make these Earrings: 
- Use a 1" balled headpin and string a carnelian followed by a crystal (swarovski) bicone. Make a wrapped loop to the component.
- Tie a piece of waxed cotton cord through the loop and double knot. Add ear hooks.

Here are the earrings with green color cord. I love the versatility here - If I change the cord color it feels very different and can be worn with more outfits. The blue and orange look very urban while green and orange look very rustic. What do you think?
Melissa's Metal clay components are perfect to be used for the BNB 17 Challenge inspired by Kolam as they have a lot of floral and dot motifs. The last date to send your entries for the challenge is March 1st. Will Post the submitted entries next week.

Do visit the AJE blog to see what others have created with Melissa's components. I am also submitting these earrings as my entry to the FEB ABS as the Art bead Scene blog inspired by Edward Julius Detmold's Amapolis. The floral design on the component along with the carnelian and the swarovski, in my opinion, is a great minimalistic fit for this month's theme.

I hope you found it interesting
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Friday, 20 February 2015

We're All Ears: Flower earrings

When I say that February's We're All Ears Inspiration is absolutely gorgeous - it is an understatement, but I cant a find a better word than that.  Erin has enticed even the reluctant of us beaders to participate in this anniversary edition by choosing the Malaysian artist and photographer Lim Zhi Wei (a.k.a Limzy) whimsical flower girl prints (for a calendar) as our inspiration. These stylised photo illustration have made me realise how I can make illustration fun for my Fashion communication students and my head is spinning with possibilities - however none with respect to making jewelry - sigh!

Though I am more of a leaf than a flower person when it comes to  jewelry design, I do love them and use a lot of them in my accessories, cards and arrangements that I make for family. 
I chose rose as my inspiration - I didnt know about birth month flowers before this but mine turned out to be roses. No wonder I am so attracted to them
Let me say that I am by no measure doing any justice to the inspiration with my design; but I really wanted to take part because I loved it so much. So here one altered Lucite flower earrings and one paper flower earrings from a wedding set I made. Will post the full set soon - it was a gorgeous 10 piece wedding flower jewelry set maybe with mulberry flowers

paper flower earrings
Earrings made with mulberry flowers - red roses and pearls

Peach Flores Earrings - These long chain earrings are created using Peach lucite flowers altered with gold acrylic paint and alcohol ink, Sealed and wire wrapped with a wire bead.

lucite flower earrings

wire wrapped flower earrings

Our Inspiration

Do visit the Earrings Everyday Reveal page to see what others have created with this inspiration in mind

I hope you found it interesting
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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bead Peeps Swap and hop Partner

So I signed up for the Bead Peeps Swap and hop hosted by Linda of From the Bead Board a while back and the partners were matched last week. Linda has made a 'seriously awesome' Pairing to use the latest college lingo. Really Shes' awesome!!My Partner is Lori Schneider of Bead Addicted. She is a registered nurse running (heading) an Alzheimer's unit in a nursing home in Dedham, near Boston. She is a proud mom of 3 adult children and some super cute doggies.

She has been making jewelry for about 4+ years now and before that did quilting, pottery and knitting. Such a Crafty person! She has a mind blowing stash of beads and runs a destash group on Facebook called the bead hoarders destash. She also makes her own ceramic components; I wish she lived nearby so that I could learn from her. Do read her introduction of me on her blog

 We connected really well when we chatted on FB and I am really happy that she is willing to try the new and experimental mixed media stuff that I would send her. Now begins my real job - what do I send her??
I have decided to send her some leather beads and some metal components that I am trying out using iced enamels and inclusion from Ice resin. I also want to give her an eclectic palette to try but dont want to go full on jintak* either. Maybe a combination of pink, turquoise, orange and rust? With some neutrals perhaps? Oh Green, How did I miss green? Well that is just as a unique color combination as any that I can think of, so I guess that settles it.

For those of you who are new here and wondering what happens in a bead swap, here is an infographic made by our dearest host Linda

Stay Tuned to find out what I sent her and what she sends me and what we make with them.

I hope you find it interesting
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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Blogiversary - Turning 5

A tutorial for Valentine's day followed by a blogiversary post has what has been the norm on this blog every February for the past five years. Yes this blog baby of mine is five years old today but I wasnt really sure if I wanted to write an anniversary post as I am not big on traditions. After some contemplation, I decided to write this post as a way to give thanks for everyone who has helped me along this journey and to introduce you to the new stuff that is happening around here.


   This past year has been full of challenges - no I dont mean the "I am so busy with my day job and am sick all the time that I can barely write challenge" (though its completely true) but the good literal kind. It all started with the Bead soup blog party, through which I met loads of incredibly talented artists and jewelry designers from all over the world, was inspired by their work and participated in many exchanges and contests. This was the kind of international exposure I was longing for all these years. I finally found it and  I can see a sea of change in my aesthetics and my design sensibilities - So mighty thanks for that!!
   I got an opportunity to work with some incredible brands, Organisations and sites that I love - CHA, FaveCrafts, Plaid, Aunties' beads, Beadmixer and the cherry on the cake that is Ice Resin. I have been selected as one of the guest bloggers/designers for Ice resin this year and I just posted an exciting project - The Phalakhara Necklace on their site. I thank Iceresin wholeheartedly for their support and their confidence in me.

  There were blogs that I followed back in 2009 before I started blogging, that I still follow, read and enjoy. The chief among them is TheBeadinggem. Pearl couldnt have chosen a better name for her blog as I find a gem of information on her blog that keeps my fire fueled. ABS and AJE are two recent finds that make me wonder how much I could have learnt if I had found them earlier. 

 I remember working on converting this blog to a responsive format last year which was a extremely interesting yet tiring process. I thought I had learnt a lot and then decided to create a website for my college culturals. Half way through I realised that I had barely scratched the surface the previous year. After 3 redos and loads of reading and streamlining I made a site - yes mam I did; and a fine one at that!! :D
So what will be new this year?? 

I loved writing the new "How to" column which is filled with tips and tricks in relation to jewelry making and blogging. I hope that its been useful; as I'll be adding more to it. I have also started doing Book Reviews and will continuing with product reviews to as I just got some great goodies from CHA. I do want to move this blog to wordpress and self host but I dont have a clue as to how I am going to transfer hundreds of posts and comments. Hopefully a solution will present itself.

I have had this strong desire to write a book (craft based or fiction) for a while now and I really  hope and wish that it comes true this year. I have been prepping for it in smaller doses by sending designs/ articles for publication whenever possible and its been a roller coaster so far as the unavailability of  design related publishers in India makes the process daunting. So fingers crossed!! But I do hope that if and when I get such an opportunity that I have the kind of discipline it takes to do a good job.


This past year that I learnt that I cannot let a day go by without indulging in some creative work regardless of how tired I am. So recently I have started working on mini projects and smaller lines rather than concentrating on creating huge collections like Chithiram and Ragamala which took a huge chunk of my time this past year. Most of these are experiments and I have started to wear them proudly to work everyday which was something that I never did before. Will post them soon here. I am hopeful that I'll also make money out of them at some point to keep the brand moving forward.

More than anything, I hope that I'l be able to entertain and connect to you with interesting and informative stories 

So thats it for now folks. I thank all of you for being patient readers of this blog for five years now - I couldnt have done it without you. Your comments, feedback, support and most importantly, Love, has what has kept me going. Do continue to give me your feedback - on posts, topics, writing style and tell me what else you like more of on this blog.

To Thank you, I have a small giveaway. One reader of this blog (with an Indian Postal address) and randomly picked from the comments, likes, retweets, pins of this post will get a small set of goodies from me - a how to book from Prima beads, some trinkets, some washi tape, and stickers.

Yes Gratitude is my mantra for this year:)

I hope you find it interesting
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Valentine necklace DIY

I cant believe that it is already the second week of February, and I havent posted a gift idea for Valentine's Day. so better late than ever, here is design idea with a tutorial that will make a fabulous  Valentine's Day gift for yourself or your 'valentine' this year. 
The word 'valentine' conjures up lots of instant images for me, the chief being pink hearts and glitter. But as most of you know, I am not a fan of girly colors or details. So I have tried to incorporate glitter and hearts into  the design, in a way that it can be worn throughout the year, as it looks more ethnic than foreign due to the combination of pink with green and gold.


This tutorial, I must admit, is a departure from my usual 5 minute DIY posts, as it is a bit time consuming (can be done in a day). It is a deceptively simple design with lots of little details. Nevertheless, it can be done by beginners who know how to make wire loops.

"My Valentine" necklace DIY

- 1" brass disks with hole (2)
- Dimensional magic
- German glass glitter salmon
- pink nail polish
- green glass beads
- gold tone eyepins
- brass link chain
- artistic wire
- jump rings
- Lobster clasp
- Nose pliers
- wire cutter

1. Draw a heart shape on the disc and cut. Alternatively cut out 2 hearts from brass sheet and punch holes in the center
2. apply dimensional magic to the shape and cover with glitter. Let dry.You can use Ice resin instead of DM if you prefer a sealed smooth finish. But I used DM as it takes lesser time to cure and I wanted a textural finish on the pendants.
3. paint over glitter on one disk with nail paint. let dry
4. Cover both discs with DM or resin and let dry until completely cured
5.Cut chain into bits (pairs bits) of 1.5"length
 6.Loop green beads on eyepins and connect them to the chain bits
7. Connect the center two beads with a jump ring. Connect the painted heart to this ring with another ring
8. Connect both hearts using a wrapped wire loop.The messy wrap allows for a lot of movement but you could do a really clean wrap if you wish to keep the pendants straight.
9. Add rings and clasp as the end of the chain to finish the piece

I think when you love someone, whether its your partner, parent or friend or even a pet, you never really see yourself in isolation (esp when you think of them) but in conjunction with them. You think about what they feel for you or about you and how you would like them to think of you. This design was born out of that thought - of two hearts connected to one another by a fragile messy connection (Yup most relationships are messy) but strong, prosperous and joyous together sharing lots of wonderful memories.
Do try your hand at creating this design and wear not just your heart but also that of the one you love proudly. 

I hope you find it interesting

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

BNB 17 Kolam examples

The BNB17 contest has created quite a stir with our dear international beaders who are hearing about Kolams for the first time in their lives. So in order to satisfy their curiosity and encourage them further - here are some more examples of kolams. All these kolam pictures (excepting 1 by me) are from Kamala's Corner - Kolangal section, Created and/or curated by the very talented Kamala. Please visit her blog for step-by-step pictures on how to draw these beauties.She also has an amazing blog on Indian food do check it out

Knot Based Patterns


 Color Filled Dot - Grid based


Color filled Line based or Free Hand

Religious/Worship Based kolams or Yantras


Occasion Specific Kolam

These examples barely scratch the possibilities that exist in this art form but I hope they would have given you a direction or a patch in which you could proceed. I would like to inform you that I have started to receive entries for the contest and will upload them midway through the contest. I am eagerly awaiting the other entries

Please send details in this format by Email

Design title:
Description: Required (your inspiration behind the piece, materials used, etc. mention color palette chosen)
Blog url:Optional
Facebook name/Facebook page url : Optional (both if you have them) 

I hope you find it interesting

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