Leather bow cuff and ring Tutorial

Long long ago I made this tutorial on how to make a leather bow for a cuff/ring and somehow totally forgot about it. As I was doing some organizing on my system I found it and here it is.This is a simple 5 minute cuff and it can be made with scrap leather. You could also substitute it with rexin, pleather or thick felt

Materials Required:
-Three pieces of leather (same or contrast color) - 6" X1" for the bow and 1.5" X0.5" for the center
For the base* use - circumference of your wrist  ( plus or minus) X 1.5" (refer to the procedure for detailed instructions)
- Thread
- Rubber adhesive (fevi bond)
- Closure of your choice
 1) Fold the bow strip in two. Stick both ends at the back as in pic. Wait for it to dry. Turn to the front, pinch and tie up with a thread as shown

 2) Cover the center with a contrast pieces and glue firmly
3) Your bow is now done. Glue it on to a ring base for a  statement ring or to a thick base for a cuff.

4) Make a closure for your cuff :
 I just used a snap button by hammering it in.
My trick - I place the piece leather with little slots marked for the snap and pushed in and then I slip the entire thing between pages of a thick Vogue and hammer on the cover....

Thats it my secret is out....I dont have a hammer block or a jeweller's bench - Cant find the first one here and no place for the second. So Thick copies of vogue come to my rescue. If I have shocked some of you, I apologise (Many people who saw me work were shocked at first (including my mom)) but believe me it works :D
* If you are using a button or hook closure you will need circumference plus 1". If you are using a lace up, you will need circumference minus half inch and if you are planning to just use jump rings and a toggle closure you need circumference minus one inch.
If are using continuous tie up you will need circumference plus 12" thinner strip (The base will be 1.5" thick in the middle and 0.5" when it comes to the tie up portion)

Here's an addition to this post - Video tutorial on how to make a leather bow ring
I hope you found the tutorial interesting. These bows are so simple to make and can be used on hairclips, as pendants and even tiny versions of them as earrings.According to snaptheconference bows are back in trend and in a big way

 PS: How did you all like the new look? Many people have asked me to change the background to white and I have finally done it. It was a lot of work, the header is still in progress, but I guess continuous change is what keeps me going.



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