Safetypin Necklace video tutorial

As the aftermath of Chithiram collection, this month's tutorial will be on how to make a safety pin necklace. This is the same necklace that I use with my safety pin and galaxy of musicians necklace of my chithiram collection. The only difference is that, in this tutorial I am attaching lengths of chain to make it a - over the head necklace, whereas the galaxy of musicians has a pendant and the closure clasp...But the necklace is cool worn either which way...

 This time, the tutorial will be a video tutorial - Which I developed with a local production house for a segment called "Art all the way". If you do not understand any instruction or would like more clarity, please write in to me...
- Big & small safety pins (gold, silver or even colorful ones)
- Araldite or 2 part epoxy adhesive
- 2 lengths of chain

Skill Level - Beginner
Making time - 10 minutes to make (all 3 strands) and 6-8 hours to dry
Please click here to visit the url of the video, as the embedded object only autoplays

You could use the same technique to make a bracelet too...In case you want to make earrings, you could refer to my post on how to make safety pin chandelier earrings.
I hope you found it interesting

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  1. I don't believe safety pins have looked better!!
    Great idea!


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