DIY Kundan stone pendant for Diwali

 This year, the single most popular thing for Navaratri  was Kundan stone kolam stickers. Well these aren't new exactly and have been around for the last couple of years within the craft community, but this year, they are everywhere and its huge. So not wanting to be left out, even I made some of these (They are really quick to make) as gifts for Navaratri and our guests really loved them. In the process of making them, my mom suggested that I could make pretty jewellery using the same technique. I said Wah!! What an Idea!! and thus was born this pendant necklace and tutorial. Transparent / clear Jewelry is not extremely easy to make (Absolutely no jewelry making skills required) and they look really really festive..So what are you waiting for?? Grab the supplies and join in the fun.

 DIY kundan stone leaf pendant
Materials Required
- Kundan stones or glue on rhinestones - 6 (either same or different colors)*
- A tiny piece of ball chain (gold)
- OHP sheet*
- Clear glue (Fevibond)
- Marker/pencil
- scissors, pin, pliers
- 1 jump ring and chain with a clasp

- On the paper accompanying your OHP sheet, draw a leaf (or any other suitable design) with a pen or pencil. Drawing on the clear sheet might become messy later
- Carefully place it under a clean OHP Sheet and keep some weight over it at the corner so that it doesnt move.
- Apply glue with a steady hand over the sheet using the paper image as a guideline.
- Stick stones, ball chain on the lines as indicated

TIP - Use a toothpick while gluing the chain as it can get messy when you try and do it with your hands
 - Let it dry for at least 15 - 20 minutes. Mark a point atleast 0.5cm away from the stone on one side.
- Then cut around the design, leaving the mark intact, using a sharp pair of scissors. 
- Using a pin, needle or awl poke a normall hole on the mark
 - Open a jump ring, using pliers and slip it in.
- Thread a chain with a pre made clasp or a leather cord or a sari ribbon into the jump ring and close
Your Kundan stone studded leaf pendant is ready for you to wear and enjoy this Diwali. Try making one to match with your dress and lots more to give to all your Friends :)

PS**: OHP Sheets are transparent sheets used with the OHP (Over head Projector) and are available at all stationery stores. Instead of Kundan stone, you can use any stick on/ glue on gems, rhinestones, half pearls or tiny cabs.

Advance Diwali Wishes...
I hope you found this tutorial interesting


  1. I LOVE it! And what a great tip about drawing the pattern on paper to place under the plastic. This is such a gorgeous design, D!

  2. it looks lovely. wishing you a very happy diwali !

  3. Beautiful design! Thanks for sharing with us at Throwback Thursday!

  4. I love this design and colors. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.


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