Theres something about Lace

There is something about lace that attracts us to it. The way the patterns play peek-a-boo allowing you to show off what is beneath (even skin) without being loud or in your face. Dictionary calls a net like ornamental fabric made of threads by hand or machine as Lace. There are different types of lace..

Needle or needle point lace - Embroidered laces like Filet Lacis or Cut Work: Broderie Anglaise
Bobbin laces - The first ones that come to my mind are Chantilly, Russian followed Antwerp and Cluny
Crochet - Irish crochet
Knitted - you have Shetland | Estonian | Icelandic | Danish | German laces
Tape - Princess lace, Renaissance, Romanian point

Then ofcourse the laces that all of us make using tatting, macrame or even simple crochet

Here I have created a quirky neck piece using machine made lace or Chemical Lace. Chemical lace is a form of machine-made lace, created by embroidering designs with machines on a background fabric which is then chemically removed, leaving the "lacy" holes between the embroidery and giving the effect of "lace". There are also other methods which includes the use of water soluble base fabrics or ones that disintegrate under heat. I did try out that technique using satin ribbons at a Nuno Corporation workshop, once in Bangalore.
DIY Directions
As its very simple I am just going to give directions. I used blue and green color lace which I interlaced together (gathered slightly while stitching to get the ruffled look) and then used a hot pink metal chain to embellish the piece and continued it at the back so that it works as a closure with a silver lobster clasp. 
I really loved the color combo ( I had used this particular combo in my final design collection at college) and the little scalloped edges. I think its the perfect winter accessory -  adding color and the peekaboo effect without any exposure to the cold. So how do you like it?

* Belovedlinens and the lace center are great online resources where I found lots of information about laces
I hope you found it interesting


  1. Divya! I love that necklace!!! The way you used the chain is really cool, and the colors are such an exciting combination.

  2. Yes, i agreed with the account that can provided in the post. estetik

  3. Lovely necklace Divya! I am crazy about making jewelry employing lace, and as a matter of fact today I bought three different types of lace for my future projects!

    1. Thanks Maya..This is the firs time a lace based jewelry item turned out well for me and I am really happy with it. I love the way you effortlessly connect lace with your crochet work and make stunning pieces

  4. Love the necklace! Wonderful colors!

    1. Thanks :) Your blog is so wonderful with lots of it

  5. Very innovated design for necklace ---

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