Bridal series promo and Beadingclub giveaway Winners

Unveiling the promo of the second edition of bridal series, I have just started working on it and maybe it will be up next month. It will be great if you could all join me on it 

If you are interested in writing or even sharing just images for the posts, you are welcome, any doubts, you can mail me or ask me in the comments.

Now coming to the Giveaway - since the entries were less and I have 6 sets of code to giveaway...everyone who entered  with an email id gets a code :) Thanks for participating in DIYBeading club giveaway and enthusiastically commenting on the tutorials that you'll like to see on the blog. Wire wrapped jewelry was on everyone's list. I will keep it mind and hopefully work on its this year. . Sorry people if you comment anonymously I cant find out who you are and offer you the prize
- Dora M
- Suja Mohan
- Pearlie Samuel
- Sarang
- Maya
 Congratulations to you all!! I'll soon be mailing you your codes to the magazine and directions to use them. If by any chance you dont get my mail, please leave a comment here with your mail id or mail me with a reminder.

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  1. Divya,
    Very happy to win this giveaway! :) My first!


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