Saturday, 9 February 2013

Copper Flowers from my mother's Garden

Oh I have been wanting to show off this piece ever since I made it  and finally here it is. Its an experiment on so many levels - using a paper punch to cut metal foil sheets, discovering a new technique of doming (totally cool - without using a doming block!!) and then flame painting using copper foil sheets. 
I chanced upon flame painting in a you tube video long back and have been fascinated by it ever since. Flame painting is not just the coloring of the surface of a copper sheet with a flame but the intentional control of an oxyacetylene torch to create shapes and colors on the sheet. 
But since I dont have a torch I never gave it a serious thought, until one day, I punched out these flower shapes using my craft punch and I was wondering what to do with them. I saw my mom cooking and noticed the blue flame on the gas...and I was reminded of basic school chemistry - that the blue flame reduces all the oxygen in the copper, leaving it plain and it can then be reheated to any color. Inspired I took out my flame pliers (pliers to be used when in contact with flame/heat), lit up a candle and carefully swayed the pieces over the flame. Viola!! beautiful colors and patterns appeared and I was so excited. I got streaks of lovely blues, greens and yellow along with the reddish orange copper tones
But the hard part was getting 2 or more similar shades as I wanted to make a near symmetrical necklace and that took a lot of effort and patience. I realised that it's not important how hot the flame is, but it's how hot you get the metal that brings out the particular colors you want.  Also I never quenched or pickled the pieces. I just let them cool. 
Then I domed them out very slightly for a 3D effect and them made this pretty necklace using lots of copper chain.
It looked so exotic that I wanted an exotic name for that. So I named it as " Copper Flowers from my mother's garden", mother's garden here referring to her kitchen :D. I loved it and actually felt a bit sad when it got sold. Maybe I'll make one or more someday as its perfect for Spring - esp valentines day If you one who likes warmer tones over pinks and reds on the day. . I will show you all my secret of doming without a block very soon. Till then..
I hope you found it interesting


  1. Wow . That`s a beautiful . I just loved the colours that have come out on the flowers . It`s definitely going to be on my to-do list!!!!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful necklace and the method with which you made it.

    1. Thanks Pallavi, will share the doming process soon

  2. And Divya , I loved the new header on your blog too . Is it a necklace ? Seems to be a lovely piece .

    1. Yes, it is a necklace...a bib necklace with iskon prints..a continuation of my chithiram collection

  3. That necklace is GORGEOUS Divya! It's always fun to try out new things- especially when they work out so well!

  4. Simply stunning! Maybe my favorite of yours ever!

  5. this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing how you worked with the copper, I don't have a torch either so this is a good option - will the colours stay as you didn't quench and pickle or will they change over time?

  6. Very lovely! It's great when experiments work out so well. :)

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  8. Beautiful necklace! One question though: didn't punching out the flowers with a paper punch damage it? And if not, was there a particular brand of punch you were using?


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