Rhapsody - Leather Jewelry collection

I have been fascinated by leather ever since my college days. I did my final year elective in Leather design and also worked on a project with a leather accessories company in 2011 -12.
 So for Spring summer 2013 I decided to take some inspiration from winter months & festivities and combine them with things that are quintessentially spring to create Rhapsody - a leather jewelry collection, thats all about celebration regardless of the season.

My color palette comprises of  warm colors like red, fuchsia, wine, rose gold, brown, burnt orange along with cool colors like green and light blue. to me things like robin eggs, bird's nests and mango leaves along with quills (feathers) and roses represent spring while the rose gold (of the chocolate chip cookie necklace), wine and burnt orange are reminiscent of winter festivities by the glow of twinkling lights and the crackling of fire.

The pieces have been hand crafted from the fine sheep leather and the necklaces have been backed with felt wherever necessary. I have used techniques like braiding, heat moulding, hand painting and glazing. All the closures are brass, as I see leather aiding the oxidation of silver/ silver plating. The techniques used are western, the result however is strikingly Indian, unlike anything that one would commonly associate with leather jewelry. That is the USP of this collection.
The collection was launched in mid Janaury and new pieces will be added to the collection, every month and I am hoping that it will soon turn into a separate line of jewelry under my brand, soon. Check out the full collection at Rhapsody

I hope that you find it interesting


  1. Loved the Rhapsody collection Divya , especially the turquoise beaded necklace with leaves in leather !

  2. Thanks :) That was inspired by "Maaelai thorans - mango leaf thorans of south

  3. they are so beautiful!!!!!Μπράβο!!!!!!!

  4. Your Rhapsody collection is just breath taking Divya!!

  5. Thanks for sharing at Fluster's Creative Muster. I'm looking forward to seeing what you link up next week.


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