Sunday, 14 April 2013

Glasses Giveaway from Firmoo

Most people just hoard glasses, Because they are fun and its hard to let go of them. But its not a good pratice to hoard power glasses. I can bet for most of you the last time you bought a new pair of glasses is three years ago or longer. It is highly suggested by professional ophthalmologists that you should have a yearly eye exam and replace your glasses regularly to ensure your eye health. If your prescription has changed but you still wear the old prescription eyeglasses, you are in high-risk of deteriorating your vision. So how long have you kept your current glasses? If you answer is more than one, then its about time that you get your eyes checked. Once thats done, Head over to Firmoo's crazy giveaway and get your new and improved glasses for free now!

Yup totally free!! Frame + Lenses + Shipping = $0!  Great news from Firmoo - they are having a crazy giveaway where they are giving out  free glasses.
I am so glad to share it with you here as it is a wonderful chance for those who need glasses!

The Crazy Giveaway starts on April 16th, 9 AM EST  and they are giving out 50 pairs in 30 different styles, on a first come first serve basis. 
So what are you waiting for...hop on to Firmoo
 Its a A Great Way to Help You Save on Glasses

Ok..Just in from Firmoo (April 16th)
Due to the high flood of net traffics dashing into the server, the server was crashed. So the giveaway has now been changed into lucky draws. Visit their FB page for more info


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