DIY Crystal Love Earrings for Valentines day

Most women love shiny baubles and flowers and unashamedly I am one of them. So this valentine's day I am going to pamper myself with some lovely blingy jewelry but with a twist. No reds or pinks for me but stunning blues and green. Ever since I saw titanic, the one gemstone that reminds me of love, has been Sapphire. Apparently I am not the only one who feels so. Precious Platinum's valentine collection inspired by WGSN's Luxury archeology theme, is loaded with sapphire jewelry. I love the stone, but unfortunately I cant wear it for astrological reasons, so I pick the next best thing - Sapphire crystal Stones.
As most of you would know February is my blogoversary month and I usually celebrate it with a lot of tutorials. So here is the first among them - Stunning Crystal Love Earrings which combines beautiful sapphire and peridot stones and can be made in less than 5 minutes.
Will post a matching necklace soon.

Crystal Love Earrings DIY 

2 Rhinestone pear glass sapphire blue 18x13 mm
2 Prong setting with 1 loops for pear brass 18x13 mm
1 pair Gold earwire with peridot green rhinestone
Tools: nose pliers
1. Set both the sapphire rhinestone crystals in their respective settings. I got my materials from Beadmixer. Look below for detailed instructions on how to prong set stone or rhinestone crystals in settings
2. Open the front loop of the earring finding gently, slip in the set stone and close. Repeat for the other earring to make a pair.


How to Prong set a stone 

1. Choose the setting that is appropriate in shape and size to the stone (the setting must allow for the stone, plus a little wiggle room)
 2. Using nose pliers, fold down one of the prongs.
3. Slip the stone into the setting. On one side the folded prong will hold it and you can hold it on the other side with your thumb and forefinger
4. Holding the stone in place, carefully, fold in the other prongs by holding your pliers at a 45 degree angle. Repeat till all prongs are closed and stone the stone in place.

Tips: Sometimes prong setting can be frustrating, particularly in coated settings, where the coating makes the prong hard. So you'll need to apply a lot of pressure while closing them. when done incorrectly your pliers will slip and scratch the bottom. Jewellers generally do a half fold with pliers and then use prong pushers. If you dont have it, you can use a permanent marker with a soft top to set it like I did. Also Cover your fingers with a masking tape or band-aid while holding to the stone to lessen the pricks

Disclosure: I received these gorgeous Rhinestones and settings from Beadmixer as a part of a tutorial exchange program by Totally Tutorials. 
I hope you find it interesting



  1. These are adorable! Where can we find these in India?

    1. I have seen such stones in Delhi market but not this quality. you get settings too (China made), but they dont always fit the stones

  2. These are soo beautiful Divya..tear drop settings are lovely..:D

  3. Stunning blue and green confabulation! Really looks so rich and fresh.

  4. Interesting and pretty, thank you for sharing this tutorial!

  5. Thanks Everyone - its all in the choice of materials

  6. Very beautiful and elegant! Thank you for linking up Handmade Cafe!


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