Valentine real rose ring DIY

Women love getting real flowers and jewelry from their loved ones so it a huge high when you receive a gift that combines both. While I was working on my order for real roses bridal jewelry I realised that making jewelry from real Flowers can be really refreshing. It so therapeutic at the same time challenging as everything has to be designed and planned beforehand. But it is so totally worth the effort as it puts a (really) big smile on the receiver’s face.
So as its the season of love, I thought I would spread some by showing you how you can easily make a beautiful real rose ring for that special person in your life. These rings are not just for valentine’s day but can be given as spring gifts, party favours or can be made in an activity (day camp) for young girls.

Valentine real rose ring DIY


Lets gather the required Materials : flat flower, felt circle, ring base, scissors and glue. Pearls or rhinestones optional
Method :
1.Pick out a flower that is fresh, firm and shake it to see if the petals are falling out. Carefully remove any discolored petals
2. Cut off the stem and sepal making sure to leave a little in place ( to hold the petals together)
3. Glue the flower to the felt circle ( cut one as per the size of the flower) and press gently. If you so desire glue pearls, beads or rhinestones to the center of the flower. Do not apply glue on the flower it will discolor. Let it dry for 20-30 mins
4. Glue the ring base to the felt circle and let dry for 30 mins Your beautiful real rose ring is now ready to be presented or worn.

You dont have to just use roses for the ring, you can go with seasonal flowers or those that are the favourite of the person that you are going to gift it to or something from your garden; just remember that the flowers have to be flat, firm and fresh. You can also refrigerate the finished ring by storing it in an open plastic bag (no ziplock) for a few hours to keep it fresh.

Valentine real rose jewlery DIYValentine real flower jewlery DIY

Have a great Valentine’s Day

I hope you find it interesting

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  1. So fresh and lovely ! Real Flower jewellery is not only beautiful , but as you rightly said also very refreshing and soothing to wear . Aroma therepy at its best !

  2. I don't know if my comment saved or not, but I love this idea. These rings are so pretty and they would be fun to make not only for myself, but also to make with my little one.

  3. Beautiful idea! Also, a good, detailed tutorial. I'm going to be sharing this at a feature at the next Retro Re-Pin Party on Somebody's Dinner. I hope you'll stop by to see it.