3 Facebook groups to be a part of

Of all the social media sites that I belong to and use, I prefer facebook, as most of my friends are there, its active all the time and its one place where you can actually sell while keeping an eye on the competition. But at times Facebook acts like a spoiled child - algorithms completely change throwing the set rhythm off into a toss. Sometimes the reach is very less but its more interactive compared to the other sites and it a good way to get feedback, which is very important for a brand.

Facebook Groups are a great way to interact with people, shop and also learn more in your area of interest. There are many groups on any given topic, but here are three that I love being a part of

3 Facebook groups to be a part of

What- Buy & sell beads, supplies and findings
Group -  Beads,Components and Findings for Sale, India
Market - Mostly India but I have seen a lot of International wholesale buying happening here
Process - closed but with almost no moderation
One stop shop of jewelry related finds. Sellers range from manufacturers (glass beads, wire, displays) to importers and distributors. Most of these are facebook pages, with a few shop websites.
admins of the group take no responsibility for the transactions being made by the sellers and buyer. I have found both great and bad suppliers here. Also buy a sample amount before you go in for a big purchase.

 What- Buy & sell your top of the line, one of a kind pieces in the auction format
Group - Artisan Designers Jewelry Buy and Sell.
Market - International
Process - closed and strictly moderated
Its a great place to find one of a kind handmade - beaded jewelry pieces to buy and to sell as auctions. As a seller you can list up to but not more than 4 items for auction or Buy it now (BIN) at a time and keep it open for 1 to 7 days. As a buyer you can either bid on an item or buy it now (much like ebay) but you have to pay within 24 hours using paypal. They have very strict guidelines but the pieces listed there are drool worthy.

What - A group to help with your blog and social media pages
Group - The Blogging Bunch Support Group
Market - International
Process - secret and strictly moderated. You have to be a member of the blogging bunch group to apply here
Every day of the week the group promotes posts on different social media platforms. The Schedule goes like this Weekly Sharing Schedule: Monday - Facebook, Tuesday - Pinterest, Wednesday - Google+, Thursday - twitter, Friday - Social Media Follows (we'll change which social media every week) Friday evening through Sunday noon - Comment Love

 Which are the other facebook groups that you are a part of and would recommend, do tell in your comments. While you are on facebook, do check out my page - Sayuri and show some love (Like)

I hope you find it interesting


  1. Interesting post Divya.. :)

  2. These are great groups to know! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I totally agree that FB groups are great support for bloggers. Some are more active than others. I am in several that I love very much and enjoy interacting with my friends.

  4. FB groups are something I need to look into! It's on my To-Do list... Thank you for sharing this on Merr Monday Linky Party. We''re glad to have you and hope to see you next week! Julia


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