Chithiram Season 2

A collection that began root in a simple pendant I wanted to make for my mother to preserve a Raja Ravi verma painting - postcard (as she loves his paintings) in 2011 and was eventually bought by a big retail website.
A collection that enforced the value of upcycled and recyled products
A collection that has been featured in national Television, National and local newspapers, magazines, ezines, blogs and columns.
A collection that was totally experimental, tough to create and grew under tight deadlines and exacting briefs given by media professionals
A collection and concept that has inspired spinoffs, knockoffs and copies by many brands and designers, with and without my permission
A collection, that I am proud to say belong to me and my brand. A collection that has become my legacy!!
A Collection that will be "Designed to Please your soul" again this year.

Chithiram 2 back in a whole new avatar!!

 This time around - the collection would be divided into two distinct lines - Chitthira katha (Picture stories) and Ragamala (Garland of ragas or musical nodes). Here is the post on one of my favourite pieces from the collection - Purva Raga

The collection consists of 50 pieces and here is a snapshot of the range available. This is only a preview, I will feature pieces from this collection soon. My schedule is pretty crazy so I am unable to write any descriptive post at the moment, so please bear with me.

Chitthira katha


I hope you find it interesting


  1. Impressive, Divya - very cool new avatar!

    1. thanks mich, will post the whole thing soon

  2. Hi Divya, I am very interested in your Chittra Katha and the Rag Mala too. But when I clicked the different boxes nothing opened. Is it supposed to be like that or some thing wrong from my side of the computer I don't know. Recently I came across another very talented artist, of the same time period and she is striking - Amrita Sher Gil, Indian. I am studying on her and will write soon. Take care. Dita

    1. Anindita, its just a preview, If you are interested in shopping I can send you the link to the entire collection. Please share your email id with me, for I have no way of contacting you

  3. The preview is amazing and so is the new avatar . Can`t wait to see the collection up close ......

  4. Loving the preview Divya and great to know the story behind your collection lovely .. waiting to see the collection .. :)

  5. What an astounding collection Divya! I can't wait for a full presentation!

  6. Hi Divya,

    Very impressed with your creations,stunning little pieces of art.Could you please send me the link to buy Chithira Katha pieces?My email is


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