Creating Jewelry with Fabric - a guest post

As Crafters we often hoard fabric, tucking away piles of fabric scraps in our closet or discarding them in the bin, hardly knowing how and where to use them. At times the scraps are either too small or too varied to make something substantial. But fear not, you can effectively use them to create matching accessories for every outfit of yours and don a new look every time you step out
Fabric jewellery is the new trend in vogue, stepping out of shadows. A host of designers, artisans, and brands are giving a twist to the traditional Indian jewellery with the help of scraps of fabric which are, then, adorned with rhinestones or even buttons. The result is feather-light, economical, skin-friendly statement pieces coming out in light.
fabric jewelry  by sayuri
Fabric jewellery has been in full swing internationally for quite some time now, and is a household word even with the rank and file there. But, in India this novel concept of jewellery is in its nascent stages with only some celebrities donning these. But considering the fact that fabric jewellery is attractive and affordable, it will bid fair with the masses in no time.
 All you need is a figment of imagination and a stash of leftover fabrics.  Fabric jewellery provides one with innumerable options in terms of texture, color, design and, therefore, the over-all look. This type of jewellery can be made using almost any kind of fabric, be it chiffon, georgette, tissue, organza and silk or the humbler jute and cotton. For the embellishment, everything from buttons, beads, pearls and shells to rhinestones, semi-precious stones, swarovski-crystals and kundan is on the offer.
fabric jewelry by sayuri
So, you can go for an out and out feminine look complete with fabric flowers, ribbon rosettes, laces and pearls or return to your roots with traditional hand-woven fabric, batik-dyed fabric, zardosi and kundan work. Alternatively, go high on bling quotient with swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones, or opt for embroidery, crochet, net and fabric beads for a graceful, suave look.
Satiate the creative pangs of the budding designer in you and give an expression to your creative ideas in the form of these simple and easy-to-make jewellery pieces. Here are some tutorials on fabric jewellery that you might want to try.

fabric jewelry tutorials by sayuri
Let your imagination run wild and create a plethora of accessories to enhance your outfits. You can, thus, easily use the leftover bits of textile to create a bold and edgy fashion statement. Just put on your thinking caps, create innovative, eye-catching pieces and be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. All this and more makes fabric jewellery the flavour of the season and all you need to do is to try it before you believe it. So, go ahead, ditch the metal and flaunt your fabricated jewels like a fashionista.

About the author: Vichitra Agarwal (Bhajjanka) is a Kolkata based freelancer who writes articles, blog posts, product and book reviews and manages web content. Working as a ghostwriter for the last three years, she has covered a range of topics including travel, literature, people, fashion, food, and art among others. Armed with a post graduate degree in English literature, she equally enjoys crafting, crochet, and all things DIY. She can be reached at vichitragarwal at gmail dot com

Images by Sayuri

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  1. Lovely fabric jewlery ..ya this type of jewlery looks awesome Divya.. you gave many tips for making fabric jewlery am inspired will try this fabric jewlery soon.. :)

  2. I love using fabric to make jewelry and already have a couple of projects lined up for September:)

    1. Oh, I am looking forward to reading them

  3. I also love using fabric in jewelry. But in spite of the huge diversity of colors and patterns, it is difficult to achieve the look of "the real thing", like in the examples above :)

    1. Using fabric is really a matter of personal taste, doesnt really work well for everyone

  4. Your jewelry is absolutely gorgeous! Love all!
    Have a fabulous day!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  5. It's beautiful! I especially love the first necklace! Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday Linky! :) Julia


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