Make Silk Thread Jewelry

Last week I got a call from somebody who wanted to learn Silk jewelry from me. Considering that this is the only form of Jewelry making I had actually learnt, I was fine with it. As before taking any class, I did some research and sample projects to come up with new ideas as its been a while since I made silk thread jewelry for sale. Deviating from using the statutory frame (block and nail  technique), I used stick on wall hooks and I should say that result was just the same (now it is more cost effective and I can change the length of the cord any time without making a new frame :) )
so here are some products I made. 

Beginning with some simple wrapped bangles in nice bright colours. Then I made a neck cord with danglers(mummy wrap) and some anklets in multiple colours


The ones with the pendants are my first collection in (oct 2008) and finally earrings in a couple of patterns - sun burst and Peruvian -cross wrap( you need to count coils for it). Here is a tutorial on how to make Silk thread earrings

The Peruvian Earrings were the most difficult to make, though I should say that the tutorial - String art pendant by Camille Sheron I found on the Beading Gem blog was very very helpful. It was difficult as I don't have a wire coiler so I coiled it with my awl (the only thin pointed object I had)I got good coils but owing to the thickness of the awl I had to use really thick threads while making the earring. So instead of looking delicately intricate it looks very bold and Tribal now....(I wished I hadn't thrown away similar earrings I had bought 12 years back when they were quite a rage..could have reused the frames)
I tried a cross wrap techniques (the easiest while counting coils) - let me see if I have the patience to do the peacock eye design in the future. 
Some tips - Apart from making both earrings simultaneously (at every stage- which I did), use a coiler so that you can use fine thread, while knotting the thread on top use a knot that is used to string flowers and secure with fabric glue - they will never unravel. Finally instead of using embroidery floss(strands) its easier to use running thread from a thread roll as as it doesnt knot or tangle.
I hope that these tips are helpful if at all somebody decides to make it.


  1. Thanks for the link!! You could try a fine knitting needle to coil on. I have to agree about embroidery floss!!

  2. I dont have a knitting needle..that awl was the only thing i had

  3. divya.all ur collections r too gud.would like to try making the necklace there any tutorial of urs which can help me with that.


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