Crochet flower Ring

If you are someone like me, who admires crochet jewelry from a distance either because you cant read crochet patterns or dont know what to do with little crochet odds and ends that you have made - then this tutorial is just right for you. If you know what a basic chain and treble is along with basic wire jewelry skills then you can make this flower ring in minutes.
Materials: For the ring
- 1 four petal crochet flower
- one center bead
-Wire (I used 20g brass wire) 6-8" depending on your ring size
- ring mandrel
- Nose pliers
Materials: For the flower
- Crochet hook
- yarn or embroidery floss
- scissors

Procedure: Making the flower
 I started making this flower as a butterfly before I realised that I want to do a flower that will then become a ring so my pattern is subject to experimentation. Also my chain are loose and not very tight.
Ch 5. Sl st into first ch to form a ring.(ch 5 if you want a mid sized bead like me in the center or Ch 4)
Ch 4. 3tr (treble stitch) into ring. Ch 3, sl st into ring. Repeat thrice to get 4 petals.
This pattern will give you a mid sized flower. If you think that it is too big then make 3 chains instead of 4 in the second round. You can also do a five petal flower or use a ready made crochet flower that you already have
Procedure: Making the ring

1) Cut a piece of wire and straighten it.thread it through one of the center chains of the flowers from one end (in between 2 petal), add a bead in center and bring it out through the other side.

- Make sure this arrangement stays in the center of your wire throughout the process.

2) place it on the ring mandrel at the designated size - go a mark lower (because of the center bead and the wrapping the ring will become slightly smaller)
3)Turn the flower over to the other side (the one with the dent) so that the bead will rest smoothly on it
4) start wrapping with the wire.
5) cross over at front (either behind the flower as in instructions -see right) or pass it through the hole in the bead (if it is big enough) or just go over the bead in the front like I did

6) sliding the wire carefully of the ring(hold the 2 layers tight) and wrap the remaining wire to hold it in place.
PS: Sorry about the shaky one handed photos :(

7)Do the same for the opposite side
8) Hold the flower with one hand for a better grip while coiling. You can slip it back in place after the coiling is complete

9) once the coiling is complete press the wires together slightly yo make sure that they are straight and together. File and smooth all edges

Its done !! Fluff up the flower and celebrate Spring with this multi coloured crochet flower ring :)

Looking for feedback from both Crochet experts (tell me how I can improve it) and newbies (was it easy enough?)
I hope that you like it


  1. I really like this design with the bead in the middle. Nice tutorial!

  2. I was looking for a simple flower ring... This is perfect. Thank you!

  3. I found this while looking for a simple flower ring. It is perfect. Thank you so much...


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