scarf necklace

Its no secret that I love scarves and I have got a draw full of them. Some people might find it strange that a person living in a hot country wears so many scarves, but that where they make a mistake. Rarely I wear scarves on my neck and mostly on my hair to tie it up or to cover my hair when I got out in the sun. sometimes I also use them to dress up my bags, Thats the point with scarves - they are so versatile.
While on that thought, why not make a scarf necklace. After all it takes it a little silk/chiffon scarf and some bling to make one.
Okay this isnt a step by step tutorial with pictures as I made the necklace in 5 minutes and it got sold immediately...!!

- A scarf or fabric
 - metallic roller
- crystal accents
- Silver chain
- needle and thread
- glue (fabric and quick stick)
Here is the process. 
1) Take a quarter meter length, standard width fabric or a pre-made scarf.
2) I had made my scarf long back by using a quarter meter fabric and by doing peco (rolled hem) on the edges
3) On a metallic roller (barrerl), you can get one from a hardware store, I applied a line of swarovski crystal strip (clear) using glue. I did this as a part of another project and didn't use so it had the good part of a week to dry
4) first decide how long you want your necklace to be. Make a big knot on one side leaving fabric to go through the barrel plus extra
5) push the barrel inside.
6) on the other side knot close to the barrel leaving only 1/2" excess.
7) pulling on both ends, back stitch or hem firmly to keep the knots and barrel in place.
8) tuck in the stitched portion into the barrel once finished. cut of the thread and seal with fray check or fabric glue.
9) Since my barrel had slots, I used it to take my needle forward and backward just to tuck the fabric in the middle. But this step is not necessary.
10) I then decorated the knots with bits of chain and it was done.

I liked the fluffly look of the scarf on one side, so I didnt machine stitch the edges together. You could do it if you like a more tubular look. You could also add buttons, beads and chains as embellishment instead of the swarovski

I hope you foud it interesting...Until next time..


  1. What a great idea to make a necklace from a scarf! It looks fantastic!

  2. I looooove your scarf! I've been meaning to make something like this but I haven't found the right scarf yet (i.e. cheap because I'm cheap like that, but pretty).

  3. Love the asymmetrical look! You must have many pretty scarves. Are they made from sari material?

    1. Its actually a printed Georgette (a polyester based based), you do commonly find sarees in this material

  4. Love a new play on how to wear a scarf thanks for linking up to I spy{re}fashion!

  5. So elegant! Great idea!! Would love to have you visit me sometime.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft


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