Metallic Lace Necklace DIY

Its been quite a while since I shared a tutorial here so I thought of sharing one to Create a stunning and intricate looking metallic necklace using lace and paint. This lace necklace is versatile and can be paired with a tee, shirt or even a saree.
I do admit that this tutorial was written quite some time ago for the Indian edition of a leading international Magazine which was never published as they wanted me to plagarise another blogger's work and I refused and changed the design inorder to make it a little more mine. The magazine then published the plagarised neon lace necklace by crediting it to another local blogger. I then wrote to the other blogger, Alessia of  MatterofStyle who handled the matter with so much grace. I showed her my derivation of her design and she permitted me to post it on my blog whenever I wanted to. But it didnt feel right, so I let it rest for a while And because some time has passed, I would love to share the tutorial with you as it is based on a lace as a follow up of the Haberdashery blog hop held recently

Metallic Lace Necklace

Materials required

Ø    Thick lace in 2 patterns
Ø    silver spray paint
Ø    gold & bronze paints, paint brush
Ø    metal chain, jump rings & a clasp
Ø    fabric glue, scissors
Ø    needle & thread or sewing machine


1.    Snip the lace into smaller pieces that have a distinctive pattern. I decided to go with scrolls and floral patterns
2.    Move the pieces around, until it forms a bib necklace shape and you are happy with the design.
3.    Glue the pieces together


4.    Stitch them together with a hand needle and thread or zigzag on the sewing machine for stability.
5.    Spray paint both sides of the necklace with light silver paint and highlight certain portions with gold and bronze paints to get a dual metallic effect.
6.    connect a chain with a clasp to the lace necklace using jump rings

7.    Glue on rhinestones and add a bead drop for extra panache. Your necklace is ready to be worn. Wear it with tube/ strapless dresses in the summer and turtle neck tees or dark collared shirts in the winter. Enjoy!!

 #TIP: If you want the piece to be stiff (like metal), spray it with some clear acrylic sealant when the paint has dried for atleast 24hrs
See Alessia's Tutorial for a Neon lace necklace here
I hope you find it interesting


  1. Wow !! Divya its so pretty.. and you made it making easy with your tutorial.. love the necklace and it look cute in total silver too.. :)

    1. Thanks Radhika - we can do so many variations of this one

  2. This is beautiful . It would go so well for our Indian traditional clothing and just right for the upcoming festive season !

    1. yup, its light enough to be worn with a crepe or chiffon saree without looking dull

  3. Stopping by from the Pin Me link party. This is so creative, Diane @Mrs U Makes

  4. Gorgeous necklace and fascinating behind-the-scenes story!

    1. haaaaa....was pretty angry with the magazine last year but then I was totally calmed down by alessia

  5. Great idea - it looks really fantastic!
    Liebe Grüße,

  6. Love the mixed metallic colors on this piece! You did a lovely job of arranging the layout if the lace pieces. And the rhinestone and bead drop add the perfect finishing touch.

  7. How beautiful! I don't think I would ever come up with something as beautiful as your neckalace. Thanks for linking up in the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! Come again soon!

  8. Hi diviya,
    It's really amazing necklace with handmade....
    I'm eagerly interested in handmade item...
    Truly helpful to me, thanks for your sharing...


  9. What kind of paint do you use? Would it be ok with constant contact with the skin?

  10. I have used spray acrylic paints - you could also use fabric paints. As they are used on fabrics it must be quite safe as long as you dont accidentally swallow it


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